Email Archiving

San Diego Computer Consulting® provides two solutions for Email Archiving.

With Email Archiving, you can choose to do so through our services or, if you have your own Exchange Server, just by adding software. Both solutions are robust and provide easy and dependable archiving solutions!!

Want to speed up your Email in Outlook?

Email Archiving provides huge relief to your Outlook by taking older email and removing it from your Outlook data files. This allows Outlook to manage less email allowing your searches, sorts, and email processing to be significantly faster! Email Archiving takes a significant load off of Outlook and serves to reduce problems in your Outlook Profile.

Want HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliancy?

With Email Archiving, through both our solutions, you will have office compliancy with both HIPPA and SOA. Each solution is an approved solution and provides retention and retrieval to meet legal and regulatory standards outlined by both compliancy acts.


“wish we started years ago. Email Archive Service allows me to have records for all email correspondence in and out of this office. This is a requirement to our business model!”

Kathryn Newnham,
Newnham & Weston