Patient Security

Patient data has to be secure. And no doctor’s office wants to ever inform their patients that their confidential medical data has been compromised. Making sure your firewall/router is secure and the use of security services is critical. Also, it is important that the File Server also have encryption on the hard drives. San Diego Computer Consulting® can help you encrypt your workstation hard drives as well. Having encrypted hard drives makes sure that no data pulled from the drives is readable. Having your computers encrypted and your firewall actively running security services meets SOX, HIPPA compliancy and protects your patients.

San Diego Computer Consulting® can help with:
  • Firewall / Router security implementations
  • Encryption of workstation computers
  • Encryption of Windows servers
X-Rays, CT Scans, and other photographic data

We understand that picture data can be very large. Bringing up this important documentation on computers for doctors, staff, and patients is important and delivery is time critical. We at SDCC can help make sure that your file/data server is fast and up to date. There are many new technologies including Solid State Drives that can easily speed up processing of photographic data. This speed and reliability can improve productivity in any medical office.

San Diego Computer Consulting® specializes in:
  • High Speed/Budget Conscious High Speed Data Delivery File Server solutions
  • Reliable in-office Wireless Networking (Secure for staff and ‘Guest’ Internet for patients)
  • Secure Routers/Firewalls meeting HIPPA Compliancy