Mortgage & Financial Company Computer Support

Mortage Support

San Diego Computer Consulting® specializes in providing computer support for Mortgage, Escrow, and Financial companies.

We can offer support and configuration of a variety of applications for your business. We are specialized in Calyx Point™, Encompass, PDS Server, Data Trac, Push MX, RBJ Escrow, and other software specialized for your industry. We are experts helping all your staff interconnect to your office from anywhere.

Our Services

San Diego Computer Consulting® can help you with all your computer service needs for your mortgage and financial company. We can provide support in house to your office, or we can provide a hosted solution.

  • Inter-connect Remote Offices
  • Inter-connect Home Offices
  • Setup data shares of Point
  • Deploying Calyx Point™ clients
  • Deployment of Point Updates
  • Centralizing Client Databases
  • Point reporting and tracking
  • Client Data Protection

Internet Application Hosting

We offer a wide range of hosting plans from dedicated Point Data Servers™ which communicate with local Point installations on your workstation or laptop to servers running Point which are accessed via Terminal Services. Speak to us about designing a custom plan to meet your needs.

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“We used SDCC for all our Calyx Point™ support needs for years. When we migrated to Encompass, SDCC was there to help us on site with the installation on a new server, all migration of Calyx Point™ Data, and the day to day support that we needed.”

Jon Margalit,
American Premier Funding