Why choose SDCC for your wiring?

San Diego Computer Consulting® has been in the wiring business for over 17 years. We know wiring! More importantly, we understand the full impact of wiring moves, additions, and changes. Yes, many wiring companies understand wiring. But they don’t necessarily understand the impact and the choices that you may have to make a seamless transition on a new network run or network installation.

San Diego Computer Consulting® takes pride on our wiring installations as we have one of the best wiring installers who works for us full-time and in-house. He is a senior network engineer and your company will definitely benefit from his expertise.

Network Engineer R.T. Ronk has worked for us for over 15 years. He is one of the very best in the business. As a senior wiring engineer, he will ensure your job is always faultless and on time.

Why Choose SDCC for wiring? Put simply, we use our experience!
  • We understand the impact of proper wiring.
  • We will minimize any down time.
  • We are efficient and fast.
  • We use creative solutions for difficult situations.
  • We understand PC, phone, & VoIP connectivity better than simple wiring companies.
  • We understand logical network routing better than wiring companies.
  • We understand Windows network connectivity better than wiring companies.
  • We understand all the logic on a Windows network! Most wiring companies do not.

Office Moves---Planning, Planning, Planning

So many businesses go through moves as they change and expand. We have moved a tremendous number of companies over the years. Moves are crucial as business continuity and minimal to zero downtime is critical for any company. San Diego Computer Consulting® understands network and office moves. With careful planning, we can help ensure that your move goes very smoothly.

How is careful planning done best by us? Simply, we understand networking and business continuity for computers, servers, and the internet. Having us help you in a wiring move, ensures that you are using the best group to make sure that your systems will be 100% up and running following the move. That is real peace of mind!

Network Wiring Clean up?

Moving critical network cables for cleanup is a real specialty. Let us help you with this. Our expertise in this area is unsurpassed.

San Diego Computer Consulting® takes extra pride in our ability to clean up network wiring closets, racks, and wiring backboards. At SDCC, we understand quality network engineering. Only a computer network engineering company can adequately comprehend the impact of the network. Simple wiring companies do not. We can make sure that any network cleanup is CAREFULLY attended to. We focus on taking the time to pre-label all connections, making sure everything goes back the way it was.

We take extra care making sure a network cleanup is done carefully and deliberately. We are true experts in organizing network cable and making sure the network is well labeled and easy to support. The true secrete to our success is our understanding the network and the impact of any changes.

Analog Phones / VoIP Phone Moves

In the age of VoIP Service, everyone is getting new benefits of lower pricing and many more “all-included” and extensive services through their phones. One thing that San Diego Computer Consulting® understands well is computer networks. VoIP phones are computers and network devices. You can trust SDCC can help with VoIP moves, additions, and changes.

Have a hybrid environment of traditional phone service and VoIP PBX? No problem. We understand the systems and can help with moves of service and the expansion (or contraction) of a move to a new location. These are critical services so let San Diego Computer Consulting® help you with your VoIP wiring and network connectivity.