Office Network Design & Engineering

Network Design

San Diego Computer Consulting® specializes in hardwired and wireless networking. We can install, maintain, design, and implement robust networks to move your data fast!

San Diego Computer Consulting® has expertise in network design. We have Engineers on staff with a wide range of experience interconnecting office LANs and WANs. We have extensive experience with Ethernet, Fiber, Gigabit, and Routers.

San Diego Computer Consulting® can help you help design your business office network to inter-connecting multiple offices through multiple cities through the Internet. We can help you centralize your network to help simplify administration.

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Phone & Network Wiring

San Diego Computer Consulting® can handle all of your business network wiring, wireless and phone networking. Whether you are using fiber, Cat 5e/6, wireless, or phone networking, we can help you implement the best solution.

Phone & Network Wiring

Use our experience and expertise to install your wiring. We will do the job right the first time and make sure your office interconnectivity will work seamlessly - guaranteed!

San Diego Computer Consulting® can wire Data Circuits, including T1s and extensions. We can help you wire between offices using hardwire, wireless, or internet VPN solutions to provide the best connectivity for your needs.

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SonicWall & Cisco Router Support

San Diego Computer Consulting® can help you with your Small & Medium size business call routers. We are very experienced in SonicWall - our router of choice that can support Cisco Firewalls and other routers.

Cisco Routers

San Diego Computer Consulting® is a SonicWall Reseller and a support expert of their products. SonicWall routers are our routers of choice. We are a full service integrator of SonicWall router products and can provide support, integration, and troubleshooting of SonicWall products.

Sonicwall Routers

We can provide support for Cisco Routers and PIX. San Diego Computer Consulting® works with Cisco Engineers who have the latest product training. We can provide support on Cisco integration and troubleshooting projects.

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