Network Phone and Data Wiring

Network Wiring
Licensed and Insured!

San Diego Computer Consulting® is LICENSED with the State of California via C-7 Low Voltage Certification as a California Contractor. We are insured and have certifications to run your network and phone cable in new and existing buildings. We are experts in wiring solutions and can help you save money with any move or expansion with our wiring experience and network planning.

  • Cat3 Phone Cable
  • Cat 5e and Cat 6
  • Multi-mode Fiber
  • Inner-duct & Panduit.

We can move your T1s, Routers, and Switches

San Diego Computer Consulting® can move your network equipment and help you plan a quick and careful move to your new location. We can help you verify all network connectivity at the new location so that the move is quick, transparent, and trouble free.

We can help:

  • Move and Program Routers
  • Move and Program Switches
  • Move T1, both Data & Voice
  • Extend T1s.
  • Verify and Extend DSL Connectivity.


“Moving computers and network equipment is easy, but careful planning by SDCC helped us to think of all the ‘gotchas’ and allows to plan ahead. This made for a smart, planned, and seamless IT move to our new location”
Tamer Ozkan,
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