About One Drive

Microsoft One Drive comes with Office 365. It can be purchased separately or with Microsoft Office software. The ‘One Drive’ is cloud storage that is delivered via Microsoft’s cloud. This solution is designed to compete with Dropbox and allows you to access files from any device that is connected on the internet. One Drive is a personal folder that you can share with other users, but are limited as to what rights you can place on folders and files.

Features with one drive
  • 15 Gig Cloud Storage Drive
  • Plug in for Windows, Macintosh
  • Plug in for Android & iPhone
  • You can work on a Word & Excel document and collaborate with another user via the ‘One Drive’ web.

Microsoft ‘One Drive for Business’ (SharePoint)

Microsoft ‘One Drive for Business’ allows you to assign rights to files and folders so that users in the office can only see the documents that you grant rights to. It is like a file server, but it cannot lock files. All files that are on the ‘One Drive for Business’ are copied locally and are on each computer. One Drive for Business allows you to share company files on the internet and through One Drive. This is also a good intranet solution. ‘One Drive for Business’ uses Microsoft SharePoint on the back end. By default, ‘One Drive for Business’ comes with 20 Gigs of cloud storage space.

Office 365 Business

Comes with One Drive & One Drive for Business

Microsoft Office 365 comes with ‘One Drive’ and 'One Drive for Business'. With Office 365, you have to buy licensing for each user. Each user has access to their ‘One Drive’ account via their login account that has to be created with Microsoft. ‘One Drive’ is part of the Office Suite and it creates a library folder in your user folders on Windows. There, you can add and remove files. Those files are then associated to your Microsoft Account. It is those files and folders which you can access on your mobile devices.

If you want to setup company shared files, you can do the same but have to turn on the ‘One Drive for Business.’ This will enable the SharePoint back end and allow you to upload files and assign rights to them for other users associated to your Office 365 Business account. San Diego Computer Consulting® will help you set up your Office 365 Business account.