Secure Backup

Secure Backup
HIPPA Compliant

All files stored on our server are encrypted and compressed so that we cannot determine your file contents!

Our Online Backup Service, provided by Metro Data Savers, is a full HIPPA & Sarbanes Oxley Act compliant backup system. All your company data is backed up via HTTPS and 128 Bit encryption. Your nightly backups are password protected.

Quick Data Recovery

With Metro Data Savers, your online backup data can be restored quickly. We can restore you data via our backup software agent, and online web page, or removable hard drive for large amounts of data.

Via Internet

Data can be restored via our software agent or secure web page and login. Data can be restored quickly based on your internet speed. With most connection up to 100 gigs can be restored in 1 day.

Via Removable Hard Drive

Need 100Gigs to 2TB of data restored? No problem, we can deliver your backup data via removable hard drive. With Metro Data Savers, your encrypted, compressed data can be quickly copied to an external hard drive and delivered to your office for prompt restoration!