IT Expertise for RIA

SDCC provides IT solutions that are secure! We can provide and tailor a solution that best fits the needs of your RA Firm. We help many financial service firms in San Diego to use technology to become efficient with ‘worry free’ solutions.

Secure Solutions

Whether is it VPN, Windows Remote Desktop, Terminal Server, or other remote solutions, we can provide an encrypted solution to make sure that all data is safe and secure. We use secure routing equipment that provides “packet inspection” preventing any intrusions on your network. Your data security is critical and WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Double Login (2nd-Step) Verification for Remote Access

We can implement 2-step verification for your remote access. The 2-Step verification adds an extra layer of security by forcing a second login password that is texted or mobile app enabled to your smartphone. Second Step Remote Access is becoming more of a requirement for many firms.

Secure File Transfer Solutions

We provide remote file transfer through Anchor eFolder solution. This solution is similar to Dropbox, but is more secure and private for your firm. Anchor provides a remote file solution for all your technology via a dedicated folder on YOUR Secure Server, NOT SOMEONE ELSES!

All Inclusive Cloud Solutions

We can help provide a total private, secure cloud solution for firm. Whether it is a full or partial cloud solution, we will do our best to tailor a solution to fit your requirements. We take pride in offering well thought out, smart solutions at a reasonable price.


“ We have two offices in San Diego, and many remote advisors. San Diego Computer Consulting® interconnects all our staff via, Email, VoIP, & Data Files. The help us with all software licensing and provide support to all our staff both on and off site. ”
Lee Tripodi,
Laurel Wealth Advisors