Why Secure Email?

Oftentimes, when email is sent, it can be read by anyone who has access to the computer, smartphone, or iPad/tablet of the receiver. If that email has confidential data in the subject or body fields, it could get into the hands of the wrong person.

Your clients/patients have a need for your electronic correspondence to be secure. Providing secure email services allows you to send encrypted messages to patients. Utilizing encrypted email creates worry free communications for both the sender and the receiver.

The secure email message never resides on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The email is always on a secure email server and can only be read via a special login and password via the internet.

Secure Email Benefits
  • Protects clients/patients with confidential data
  • Protects physicians and financial advisor providers from any data compromises
  • Removes specified secure emails from public email servers

Are secure messages necessary?

Typically, industry requirements are asked for regarding the way security is to be implemented electronically. A number of our clients have asked us to assist with the establishment of secure email. The implementation procedure is simple and we are happy to help you set it up. The configuration typically involves a simple download and software installation. You then are asked to create a profile for your user account.

We cannot tell you what specific email needs to be secure, but we can help you implement email security that you feel this is necessary or a requirement when relaying confidential information to your clients and patients.

Entire Domain or individual email user account?

Secure email is an annual service. It is a third party purchase that is done through a provider. We use ZIX Security email services. This is the same secure email service that is used by the Securities and Exchange Commission. ZIXEmail can be individually purchased for separate email boxes. As an example, if you have 8 email accounts, you can choose to put secure email services on any one of those email accounts. Because the secure email service is done through a 3rd party, the entire email system does not have to have secure email services.