SonicWALL / Watchguard firewalls

San Diego Computer Consulting® specializes in the implementation of both SonicWALL and WatchGuard routers. We are experts with both brands and have worked with many models of each company’s products. SonicWall is exceptionally good and keeps a very steady VPN. We find these models are very suitable for small business. Both Routers are excellent for businesses as they each have a full line of security suite software that keeps your business network safe.

Content Filtering

Each of these routers has content filtering. This allows you to block inappropriate content and specific websites from being used at the workplace. With content filtering, you can block subjects like sex, gambling, sports, and others with a click of a button.

Web Browsing Tracking

Each of these routers will do web browser tracking for individual computers/users. You can track the duration and browsing on the sites viewed by staff.

Wireless/Guest Wireless

Each type of SonicWALL & WatchGuard router has a wireless option.

The Wi-Fi network access points are built into each of these routers as an option. This is identical to what is sold over the counter. However, with the built-in wireless networking, you get a number of advanced features and you are still protected by the security suite of protocols provided by the Unified Threat Management services running on each of these firewalls.

Guest Wireless Network, Internet only.

The guest wireless networking components of these routers are able to section off and allow internet browsing for guests possible by allowing them access on the same network as the business office. Putting guests on a Wi-Fi guest network keeps your business more secure from nefarious attacks.

Wireless Web Browsing Content Filtering
This service is invaluable and keeps your network, staff, clients and guests safe and out of trouble.

The content filtering service is really the strength of business class router Wi-Fi. With content filtering, you can be assured that no one on your business network via wired, wireless, or guest wireless will be viewing content that is inappropriate.

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“We use SonicWALL Routers to VPN and connect all our hair salon locations. Through that VPN we can centrally managed each of the admin computers and back them up easily. SDCC designed and implemented the network for all 5 of our locations throughout Southern California. ”
Edy Johnson,
HS Salon