Software Licensing

San Diego Computer Consulting® is a Microsoft Licensing Specialist.

We can help your office get legal and licensed on all Microsoft products. We can help you with a variety of plans to keep your software complaint and up to date. Let us help guide you on the best software plan that fits your office and your budget as you expand or streamline.

Software Subscriptions

San Diego Computer Consulting® is a partner with Microsoft and can help you with a software subscription. Subscription plans SAVE YOU MONEY as they have a low cost of entry and can be managed annually whether you up-size or streamline.

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File Server Migrations

Need help with your file server migration?

Trust San Diego Computer Consulting® to help you with your file server migration. We can help you carefully move your data from one server to another verifying all shares and making absolutely sure there is no data loss. We can do file compares on all servers.

Server Hardware Upgrades

All our staff are experts in upgrading hardware on servers and workstations. We can easily plot a hardware upgrade with you and plan for minimum downtime. SERVER HARDWARE IS OUR SPECIALTY! Let us help you with your next upgrade.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Need a Hot or Cold Server Site?

San Diego Computer Consulting® can help you design a Disaster Recovery Plan for you data servers. We can help you image your servers on a schedule and back them up daily to an offsite facility. We can help you with a Hot or Cold recovery plan to get your servers back on line in case of emergency.

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