Being overcharged? Getting too little service?

Regular Maintenance

We often hear about our competitors overcharging and not providing quality customer service. This is often a result of poor staffing and inadequate tools or infrastructure to provide and maintain good customer service. All too often, promises are not kept and service is lacking. Many of our competitors don’t make the proper investments in their service models to make sure their customers are well taken care of. In addition, services are outsourced to other providers and online hosts where there is little quality control.

San Diego Computer Consulting® has done its best to provide better customer service by investing over many years in our company’s infrastructure. Most all our support systems and services are hosted and managed by our own staff. We are able to provide excellent service through all our support systems. Our prices are very fair and reasonable.

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Why San Diego Computer Consulting?

  • We have an online ticketing system
  • We host our own services
  • All invoices are online
  • We are insured with E&O for your protection
  • All services are available online and onsite
  • We have all full time staff
  • We have an immediate help desk
  • We can remotely fix your computer
  • We are a Microsoft Gold Partner
  • All our staff is Microsoft Certified


Ready to move from the ‘One Man Show’?

Your new IT Department
Come to our TEAM! San Diego Computer Consulting® is a fully staffed IT Company all our staff is full time and are ready to serve you. We have full coverage and backup coverage for your companies IT needs.

All too often we hear from companies that are serviced by one IT Consultant. Yet, what do you do when the consultant has two clients with emergency needs? Too frequently, a customer is left disappointed and upset. San Diego Computer Consulting® knows how important your UP TIME is and we know that you need access to your computer systems and network at all times. We understand that when systems are not running, your ability to be productive and profitable can come to halt. Use San Diego Computer Consulting® for our staffing and strength as certified computer consultants! We will keep you running!

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Tired of being overcharged from Remote monitoring and maintenance plans with no on-site service?

Your new IT Department
Expect onsite visits from your IT Consulting Company!
Paying too much for remote monitoring on your workstations and Servers? All too often, peers in our field are offering anything to get your service on a remote monitoring plan. Cheap prices are offered, promises are made, direct consulting is forgotten, and service delivery is substandard. Remote computer monitoring only goes so far. Nothing beats face to face, onsite problem solving and direct discussion about objectives in our workplace that are met by improved computing solutions.

The best consulting comes through only a combination of remote monitoring of critical systems, onsite consulting for IT guidance, and remote troubleshooting.

San Diego Computer Consulting® does our best to provide a comprehensive plan for onsite, remote, and data monitoring to make sure you get the very best in IT consulting. We schedule onsite visits monthly and do our best to help you know about the latest and best solutions in the ever-changing IT world.