Wireless Access Points

San Diego Computer Consulting® has installed countless wireless solutions over the many years we have been in business. We have special tools that allow us to determine the number of wireless antennas and network speed available. There are many different brands and solutions in the wireless access point world and we have worked with many of them. Depending on your requirements, we can help guide you toward the best solution and implantation from the many products available whether you have a business in your house or need a wireless solution for your business.

WAP Security, Site Blocking, and Content Control.

As with many business class firewalls, we can set control and tracking features on browsing the internet. We can control and block categories such as sex, sports, and shopping that makes the work place unproductive. We can control and block access to specific websites and social media making sure your business wireless network is not used inappropriately. Keeping limits on the wireless network avoids any outside exploitation and keeps the users and their access focused.

With specific wireless implementations, we can help control unauthorized internet usage at the office. San Diego Computer Consulting® knows how to setup content filtering and can help ensure your office remains secure, productive, and safe from harmful websites.