Why Use Cloud Computing?

1U Server
Doing a cloud implementation provides many advantages.

Cloud computing has many advantages. It has a low cost of entry through the SDCC lease program. It puts the server in a remote location that all users can connect to anywhere on the Internet. It is very fast. It has all the security features of Windows Server. It allows you to install almost any Windows program and run it over the web.

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Other Features Include:
  • Nightly Backup with Notification
  • Bundled with Hosted Exchange
  • Worry-free administration
  • Server is off site and secure

Cloud Computing, Hosted Exchange & FTP

Hosted Exchange goes hand and hand with Cloud Computing.

With Hosted Exchange you can interconnect through your Cloud Computing Server and have all of your email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and other items connected remotely on all devices. Using Hosted Exchange through Cloud Computing gives you a full remote solution with worry-free syncing of data on all your devices.

Terminal Services

All Cloud Servers that we install have FTP Services built in.

FTP Services allow you to access and download any file directly through a web browser. You, your staff, and clients can all have separate access to individual company directories accessible immediately on any computer.


“Life before the Cloud Server wasn’t so free and easy. At best you lugged your lap top around, dangerously with all your files in it or you just went without. Now with the Cloud Server we can access all our data, wherever, whenever and with whatever computer. SDCC made everything seamless and easy for us operate anywhere on the planet and we’re all over it! Freedom at last.”
Garth Getchell,
McCauley Tools.