Disaster Recovery Services

Crashed Server

San Diego IT Service® can provide disaster recovery planning services for your computer network.

San Diego IT Service® uses StorageCraft for our server imaging solutions.

With disaster recovery planning, we can provide software that images your servers and uploads the images to a backup server or standby hot server. We can image your server with our imaging software. The server imaging software integrates directly with the backup software provided by Metro Data Savers.

Virtual Recovery

We can recover a server to a virtual server, which avoids any hardware issues. With San Diego IT Service’s® Virutal Server Services, we can bring your server back online that same day to our Virtual Server.

Online/Offsite Backup Solutions


San Diego IT Service® provides Online Backup Service! Our Backup Service is a premier business backup service for our customers. With our Online Backup Service, your data and database servers are backed up via a secure, encrypted connection to our backup servers at our Business Internet Facility in Kearny Mesa. The Online Backup Service provides nightly backup and a daily email status report.

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Dell Server
Dedicated Backup Server Services

We can provide you a dedicated backup server for your office in our Business Internet Center. With our Dedicated Backup Server, you can backup all of your office (or offices) onto one dedicated server. This server can be responsible for backing up all data at all locations.

Large Amount of Data, No Problem!

With a dedicated backup server, you only pay for the co-location of the server! We will build you a server with as much backup space as required. You only pay for the hosted server services. You get peace of mind knowing all your data is backed up!

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