Fax Server Solutions

Fax Server
San Diego Computer Consulting® provides fax server solutions that provide support for high speed incoming and outgoing fax solutions.

With our high speed fax server solutions you can send faxes directly from your PC through a high speed fax server. Faxes can be sent from an application, or directly from your email client including Microsoft Outlook (all versions).

Email fax servers are scalable and allow for multiple fax lines all running together as a pool. All faxes can be stored for incoming and outgoing in the same way that email is stored on the network. Incoming faxes can be printed, emailed, or converted to PDF.

Fax Server Solutions (FOIP)

Fax Server

San Diego Computer Consulting® provides Fax Over IP solutions for the newest green solutions in faxing. With FOIP, you can easily send faxes over the internet. This service will work with your existing IP PBX system without any additional hardware.

Automated Fax Delivery and Inbound Fax Routing

We can automatically route incoming faxes to the user's mailbox or to a particular printer based on a DID/DDI/DTMF number, or on the line where the fax was received. Faxes can also be forwarded to a public folder or assigned to a network printer per installed fax port.

Receive a Fax by Email in Fax or PDF Format

We can have your incoming fax deliver to a specific user's inbox in TIFF (fax) format or as an Adobe PDF file. This enables users to check faxes from anywhere in the world, via email or remote access. Email with fax attachments can be received on your smartphone for viewing, storing, and forwarding!


“Our industry requires that collection transmission be done by fax. We send out and receive 100s of faxes per day. Our Fax Server was overloaded and failing! SDCC came in with a robust Fax Server Solution and saved our business.”
Jeremy Parker,
Johnson and Roundtree Services