American Educated IT Specialist

Meet George with Qiao/Lamb Technical IT Infrastructure & Consulting, Hong Kong

George has a 20-year background in IT Implementations. He is specialized in IT Infrastructure design and implementation. He has a wide range of experience in VPN, VOIP, Windows Servers, Wiring, and Cloud Solutions. George has been a close friend and colleague with the owners of SDCC for 20+ Years. As a fellow graduate school peer with the owners of SDCC, he has provided IT Solutions with accurate results that American companies require.

Trained and having lived in the US for over 10 years, George understands ‘American Business!’ Honesty, Integrity, and cutting through red-tape are his specialty. Need an American Work Ethic and creativity for your business? George is your man! George has worked closely with SDCC to provide an American Standard with firms doing business in the Hong Kong and surrounding areas.


We are budget conscious, and always strive to make travel rates as low as we can for all our client wherever they may be located.

We believe it is an honor and a privilege to help clients in diverse cities. Especially, when they expand business to or from San Diego. It is our goal to see our clients expand with their business success. We do our very best to make our travel rates reasonable and fair. Because we travel often, it is common for us to fit client assistance in while we are doing it.

The business partners and primary owners of San Diego Computer Consulting® have availability to travel and help with IT expertise for all our clients wherever they have operations. It is our pleasure to help and we are always excited to do so.