Your Dedicated Exchange Server:

(Co-Located in our Business Internet Center!)

Everyone offers a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution because it has a large economy of scale for the provider. However, hosted Microsoft Exchange solutions do not give you any privacy or security and are not HIPPA Compliant. Your email just sits on their back end solution. SDCC Provides dedicated leased Exchange servers that give to total security and control. In addition, the box is on lease and is under YOUR ownership! Our staff nor anyone else has rights to your server without YOUR permission.

SDCC provides the best in dedicated leased servers:
  • Server is dedicated to you
  • Server has RAID 6
  • Server has redundant power
  • HIPPA compliant
  • you have admin rights
  • we cover hardware and software support
Servers Include:
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 R2
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016

Installation & Conversion:
  • We cover the cost of the migration to the new dedicated server
  • We handle the conversion from end to end
  • We Guarantee NO DOWN TIME!

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Backup Options - Your Exchange Server

San Diego Computer Consulting® can provide a variety of options for backup.

A local backup at our Business Internet Center is included with all hosted servers. We use a combination of backup services for our Exchange Server Backups. We do a nightly snapshot of your Exchange server including a backup of all email boxes.

  • Co-Located nightly snapshot - Included
  • Individual email box backup - Brix Level Backup (Included upon request)

We also provide replication and clustered solutions. San Diego, CA & Phoenix, AZ

We have a secondary Business Internet Center in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a 100Meg pipe for a secondary backup and standby replication or clustered solution in Phoenix, Arizona. San Diego Computer Consulting® uses American Internet Services in Phoenix, Arizona for out of area backup and clustered failover solutions.

  • Replicated backup out of area. To Phoenix, AZ.
  • Clustered "Hot-Stand-By" solution available: Second server in Phoenix, AZ