Managed Service

Managed Service
Flat Rate IT Services

Want a predictable plan that fits in a budget? Flat Rate IT Services may be for you. With San Diego Computer ConsultingsÂ’ Manage Services, we can help you flatten out your IT costs with a plan that covers all your IT Maintenance needs. Plans cover Help Desk, Onsite Service, and cover upgrades and planned projects.

Monitoring Agent

With Managed Services by San Diego Computer Consulting® we cover all your IT Services with the help of our monitoring software. Our monitoring agent goes on all servers and workstations. This software agent reviews the health of all computers and allows us to be proactive to see problems long before they begin.

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Upgrades and Projects

Our Managed Services have FLEXIBLE PLANS. Managed Service by San Diego Computer Consulting® covers your projects and upgrades. We provide up to a specified number of hours each month that cover you for your workstation replacements, server replacements and server projects. Hours can be pooled for projects! We work with you to find the best plan!

High IT Staff Costs?

With Managed Services we can help you! No need for expensive staff. Let us come up with a plan that is tailored for your network help desk, maintenance, and upgrade needs. Let your staff call our helpdesk! We can trim down your costs of providing on and offsite support to your staff. We provide support through our OnLine Ticketing System. With our Online Ticketing System, all work orders and trouble tickets are managed electronically with a viewable status at all times.

Managed Service

Tailored Plans

We tailor a plan that is specific to your office. We can offer a hybrid quote that can do flat rate service on just your servers or workstations. We can offer solutions that FIT YOUR NEEDS! Our plans are monthly and do no lock you into a long term contract.

SDCC Managed Service Plans