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San Diego Computer Consulting® thanks you for your interest in how we can help. We take tremendous pride in offering sophisticated IT services and providing superior customer service. It is our promise to be as honest and thorough as we can with all of our customers. With a staff that is all Microsoft Certified, we maintain reasonable rates and responsible billing. We have a 17-year history of superior business practices and a goal to help your company achieve IT excellence.

Please review our site, services, and customer testimonials. You will see that we are a full-service shop with a broad and integrated infrastructure to take your IT operations to the next level. We take IT Services seriously and will do our best to provide superior onsite and remote IT consulting coupled with the best in customer service.

Our Service, Staffing, & Infrastructure

We try harder!
Your new IT Department

Why is San Diego Computer Consulting® one of the best? Simply put, WE CARE about your equipment, your network, and your system’s UP-TIME. Our infrastructure, experience, and wisdom allows us to maintain our commitment to you. Over the past 17 years San Diego Computer Consulting® has strived to provide the best in customer service to all our clients. We have a full-time Microsoft Certified staff and an online ticketing/tracking system that provides both ourselves and our clients internet access to work orders, work completed, and online billing.

We do not outsource our services.

We take great pride in being able to internally host most of our services. We do not outsource and have a huge back end of secure servers providing a multitude of services that we alone maintain total access to. That relates to FAST SERVICE for all of our clients. We do our very best to make sure no one in need of immediate service is ever left stranded. All of our staff has a wide range of training so that we can provide QUICK service during any IT problems to get you immediately back in operation. We have an ‘on call’ help desk and the widest range of expertise on all platforms of Microsoft Windows.

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Unhappy with your current IT Consulting Company?

All too often we hear from new customers that they were unhappy with their previous IT Provider. This is often because the peers in our industry are typically NOT certified, NOT timely, and don’t think outside the box with smart business strategies.

We here at San Diego Computer Consulting® have all full time staff who are certified, experienced, and excellent at providing the best solutions for our customers. We are competitively priced and will do our very best to help you feel confident about your IT solutions. Helping you maximize your productivity is our goal and charging you the most competitive rates is our pledge. We guarantee our work and always provide the best in customer service.

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Our Guarantee & Pledge

We don’t lock our customers into long term contracts.

San Diego Computer provides contract terms that are monthly and flexible. YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON US TO DO THINGS IN THE MOST EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL WAY! We take great pride in our staff and business model. We always stand behind our work and are willing to work with all our clients on finding the best solutions for your individual business needs.