Networking Problems?

Call San Diego Computer Consulting®! With our vast experience, we can help you troubleshoot office network issues. We have extensive experience helping companies with interconnectivity issues. With our tools, we can help figure out problems of slow systems or poor connectivity. Contact us for more information.

Remote Computing Solutions

With Internet connectivity, remote computing is easier than ever!

San Diego Computer Consulting® is the Microsoft Remote Computing Specialist. Let us help you create remote computing solutions that are inexpensive and effective. We can help provide inter-connectivity through creative Remote Computing Solutions that will allow you to connect offices and staff members without expensive WAN & VPN connectivity equipment.

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Network Engineering

Network Certified

Microsoft Advanced Infrastructure Design Specialist, 10 years running!

WAN Engineering

One of SDCC’s co-owners has a Network Engineering background from prior work with the City of San Diego. The City’s network had more than 3000 nodes and over 100 locations of inter-network connectivity. He helped design networks for over 30 new locations and provided connectivity to the City’s private Wide Area Network.

Background in LAN Engineering

From Interconnecting WANs, we also have a significant background in connecting LANs in 500+ user networks in buildings downtown. Our co-owner was the former Sr. Network Engineer for the Water and Waste Water Departments with the City of San Diego.