Smartphone Support

Smartphone Support

San Diego Computer Consulting® supports most Smartphones and Microsoft Exchange connectivity.

Exchange Server/Smartphone

We can help with your Exchange server to set it up for Smartphone support. Whether it is Exchange 2007, 2010 or 2016, we can help you configure your Exchange server to support Smartphone and Active Sync. We can help with configuration, Enterprise Activation, and IMAP Support.

SSL Certificates

We can help you install your SSL Certificate on any version of your Exchange server. Exchange servers require SSL to provide HTTPS connectivity. You can trust San Diego Computer Consulting® to help configure your Exchange server for SSL, Smartphone, and Outlook Anywhere support (RPC over HTTPS.)

Microsoft Exchange & Active Sync

Microsoft Active Sync
Exchange Sync

Need help with understanding mobile device Exchange Server Synching? San Diego Computer Consulting® can help you understand the different technologies that Smartphones use to connect to different servers. We can help you with Active Sync on most Smartphones. Setting up SSL and Microsoft Mobile is easy for us. We have total experience to help guide our customers on the right technologies for Smartphone Support.