Database Development

San Diego Computer Consulting® can help you with the design and development of the database backend for your web or desktop application.

Data Requirements

We will work with you to help you determine the data requirements for your application. In addition to the data that drives your business logic, we will help you determine the fields required for user requirements as well as performance measurement and tracking.

SQL Server

We will help you with the design of your database including users, permissions, tables, fields, relationships, normalization, and stored procedures.

Installation & Implementation

San Diego Computer Consulting® can build, install, and configure the hardware and software for your database. We can also handle the implementation details including importing data and testing against the application.

Web Development

Need to create or use a web service?

San Diego Computer Consulting® can help you with custom web programming. We can provide specialized solutions for your specific need. We can provide ASP, .NET, PERL, and specific customizing programing solutions.
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