Why Worldox Document Management System?

Stop wasting time searching for documents, emails, and files

Your professionals are likely spending too much time searching for the right document. With Worldox, you can give them instant, organized, and complete access to all the relevant information they need, wherever it was created or stored, and whatever file format it uses – including emails, voice mails, and more.

For instance...
  • Attorneys can view all the documents, emails, and other files associated with any matter.
  • Financial services professionals can organize all the information associated with designing and valuing an alternative investment.
  • HR managers can pull together all the documents associated with an individual employee, from vacation request forms to supervisor reviews.

Whatever their responsibilities, your people answer questions more rapidly, craft more effective documents, and make better decisions.

Worldox Integrates with so many applications:
  • Microsoft Office
  • WordPerfect Suite
  • Adobe Acrobat/Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Abbyy Finereader
  • Internet Explorer
  • Omnipage
  • Quickbooks Save to PDF
  • And many more


San Diego Computer Consulting® does our in-house IT. We are a 100+ person law firm. They successfully upgraded our large implementation of Worldox to GX3 without any downtime. The upgrade was carefully planned and their deliberate execution was very successful.”
Rita Hee,
Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff, & Holz, APC